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Sweet Turns

Life is a journey, not a destination. Yet destinations are part of life’s journey, and isn’t it sweet when you are fully-prepared?

Sweet Turns is Optimism

Things that Turn:

Temperature. It might be cold out there, but when your hands, feet, and head are warm, so is your heart. Sweet Turns offers winter accessories for those parts of the body toughest to cover up (fashionably).

Trends. Digging that old, grey, wool hat out of the winter bin in your closet feels dull and ordinary. You are pretty sure it’s not still in. Forget self-doubt. Sweet Turns assures confident, contemporary designs each and every year. Whether it’s Simple Anya, South Carolina Slouch, or Space Dye, we’ll keep you looking ready and eager for whatever crosses your path.

Technology. Years of experience means we know our textiles, and we make our hats from the highest quality fabrics that endure the elements and the tolls of time.

Location. You need flexibility. Those hats and gloves you bought for sledding won’t do for heading out on the town. Sweet Turns makes all packing decisions easy. Not going anywhere special? Everywhere is special when you feel good. Just running errands? Throw on a highland scarf and Valley Fedora, and feel the fun in a simple day out.

Life.  Your path in life will twist and turn. Sometimes you get to control things and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it’s all warm and cozy and sometimes it’s bitter and cold. Sweet Turns is about taking the bitter out of the cold and putting the sweet into how you look and feel. 


Welcome to Sweet Turns! Connie isn’t from the mountains but she might as well be. After decades of ski travel and now a resident of Park City, Utah, Connie saw a need. Year after year with little luck, she shopped for quality, stylish, and reasonably priced winter accessories. Finally, putting her background in textiles and her innate Oklahoma optimism to work, she founded Sweet Turns.

At Sweet Turns we believe in function and fashion. We craft our products to last for seasons to come, and we strive to create a product that will make your turns sweet and your journey even sweeter.


Sweet Turns, LLC

Lexington, KY


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