Our Story

 We welcome you to Sweet Turns!

I founded Sweet Turns out of my love for family time in the mountains. Every year we all ski together. I was constantly on the hunt for warm, well made and great looking accessories for everyone. I discovered there were many other moms like me out there shopping for their families, too. I decided to combine my passion for textiles and my understanding of the value of highly functional cold weather gear to create Sweet Turns. My son came up with the name for our company when he called out to me on the mountain, “Mom, those are some Sweet Turns you are making today!”

Over the years, our team has become increasingly focused on sustainability. We continue to add new eco - friendly fibers to our collections every season.  Each member of our Sweet Turns team deeply appreciates the great outdoors, as a source of pure, authentic family fun. We want to do our part to develop products that are both stylish and environmentally responsible.  

I hope you enjoy our collection! Each piece is thoughtfully designed and crafted with you in mind!

Stay warm and cozy!


Connie Boone

Founder, Sweet Turns LLC

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